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How can we help Queensland organisations?

Dear Colleagues/Friends,

I am sure you are as horrified as I am watching the terrible destruction of the floods in Queensland unfold.

I have felt quite helpless and started asking myself what HCMS could do to in terms of assist organisations that have been impacted by this destruction.

What has occurred to me is that we can use the HCMS ATC and Talent Management Roundtable networks as a coordination point for Queensland organisations that are looking for specialist staff they cannot readily access.

These are my initial thoughts and I would be pleased to refine these using the power of Crowd Sourcing:

If a Queensland organisation is looking for a particular specialist skill that they cannot readily source, my thoughts are: 
  • HCMS can conduct some Boolean searching for these skills and send names and contact details to the organisation; in addition
  • HCMS will also put this request out to the ATC and Talent Management Round Table networks to ascertain if any organisation has access to these skills either in their database or internally - you could then contact the QLD organisation with either possible names or support.

I know this is a small thing but if we can help anyone with this type of service then at least we are directly assisting in a small way doing what we do best.

Please send me your thoughts and ideas so that we can provide support to make this idea even more powerful, thank you.

Kind Regards,

Trevor Vas
Executive Director
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